Estate Planning

Planning for tomorrow today, that will meet your income objectives in the future.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning generally forms part of an overall generational planning strategy for families and loved ones.

Simply put, you want to make sure that your money and other assets go to the people you want it to go to and for the right reasons.
If you have an Inheritance Tax liability, there could be ways of reducing or mitigating the amount in a very straightforward manner.

In addition, many people worry about running out of money in their lifetime and therefore feel uncertain about the number of gifts they can make from their estate. At Oakleaf we provide cash flow models that provide reassurance and a planning tool for the future.

In most cases the potential tax savings made by delivering and reviewing an estate planning strategy can far outweigh the cost of the financial advice.

Questions you may wish to ask us

What is the residence nil rate band and how does it affect me?

How is my estate calculated and what is included?

How does passing on my pension reduce my Inheritance Tax bill?

What is a potentially exempt transfer?

How do trusts work with estate planning?

What happens if I die without making a will?

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Oakleaf can provide expert advice in the following areas


Tax Planning

We all understand tax is used to pay for some really important things, such as hospitals, roads and schools, however none of us wants to pay more than we need to and, therefore, understanding what you should and what you should not pay, is important.


Wealth Management

Oakleaf is able to help you maximise your wealth, minimise the effects of taxation, arrange appropriate protection for you and your loved ones and help you achieve a bright financial future.



Many of us insure our cars, homes and mobile phones. However far too few of us insure something which is far more important… ourselves!


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