What we do & how we do it

At Oakleaf, we care as much about your financial well being as we do our own

About Us

What we do

Our service is delivered through personal financial partnerships, providing ongoing support and advice, throughout your lifetime. We believe financial peace of mind isn’t achievable via a one off transaction, but a continuously adapting strategy, developed and agreed by both you and your adviser.

We see ourselves as your lifelong financial counselor, on hand to guide you through key stages in your life, ensuring you’re prepared, protected and primed for what is hopefully a fantastic journey.

Knowing that whatever the challenge, you don’t need to worry about your financial capability, is something that we believe is not only vitally important, but with careful financial planning, absolutely achievable.

Independent advice

We provide fully independent advice and offer advice from the whole of market, enabling us to provide competitive solutions. We can provide expert advice in the following areas

*Taxation advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How we do it

With over 50 years of experience between the team, Oakleaf is well placed to provide exceptional financial advice.

In a world where changes to the financial landscape are almost daily, we utilise a range of specialist tools such as risk profiling, fund selection and tax calculation as well as expertise from specialist teams within TenetConnect and various providers of financial services.

How are we paid?

Like other professional services, such as dentistry and law, we charge clients according to the amount of time, our advice and the service we provide in order to meet their requirements.

Whether you buy a product or not, the fees we charge are for our advice and services. If you ask us to transact products on your behalf we may also receive commission from the product provider. We may offset some or all of that commission against our fees if appropriate.

You can pay for our services by cheque or by bank transfer.

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