Our services

At Oakleaf, we believe all our clients should receive the highest possible service

Our Services


At Oakleaf, we believe all our clients should receive the highest possible service, regardless of their objectives, needs or aspirations. However, not everyone will benefit from some of the services we offer and, therefore, we will recommend what is most appropriate and you can request additional services if you wish.

Our services allow management of key aspects of your financial affairs meaning those of you with hectic lifestyles can focus your attention on other things, happy with the knowledge your financial affairs are being given as much attention as required, maximizing the potential for investment growth*, minimizing tax burdens** and removing the everyday hassle often associated with financial planning.

If you place financial planning toward the top of your priorities, but would prefer to be able to spend time on another priority, such as family and friends, our services will be of interest.

The Oakleaf advice process

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Our advice process is based on four simple stages: An initial meeting or discovery session; an in-depth financial review; a detailed financial plan; and then implementation of the agreed plan. Beyond the fourth stage we conduct regular reviews of your plan.

*The value of investments and the income from them may go down. You may not get the original amount invested.


**Taxation advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How things work

Stage 1: Initial meeting/Discovery session

As your time is as important as ours, we conduct an initial meeting to discuss our services and your objectives which provides both of us with an opportunity to ask any questions before making the decision to work together.

Stage 2: Financial review

Once we have decided to work together, we will complete an in depth review of your current financial situation, financial priorities and your financial aspirations.

Stage 3: Financial plan & recommendations

When we understand your financial circumstances and aspirations, we will put together a financial plan which details how best to arrange your finances in order to meet these.

Your detailed financial report covers every aspect of your current financial position, areas that should be considered, followed by detailed recommendations. The report will form the basis of your financial strategy and we will use this for implementation and regularly review it to ensure it is fully up to date and continues to fit your financial circumstances.

Stage 4: Implementation

Once we have agreed your financial strategy, we will implement your plan, arranging the necessary solutions, liaising with product providers on your behalf.

Beyond Stage 4: Ongoing review

We believe financial planning isn’t a one-off event, but an evolutionary process which changes in tandem with changes in your life. Therefore, we provide ongoing support where we regularly monitor your investments, keep you informed of any changes that are required and meet you on a regular basis to ensure your financial strategy is on track to deliver your objectives.